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I am planning to gradually make a collection of web tools to process ADIF files. My first foray into ADIF tools is a web service to mark where your contacts are on a map of the globe. Every QSO in the file that has the Maidenhead grid square or the ADIF “lat” and “lon” fields shows up on the map as a red circle.

The map is the popular Winkel-Tripel projection of the earth. I grabbed the picture from Wikipedia, and they got it from NASA.

Follow this link to make a contact map.

2 thoughts on “ADIF Tools”

  1. hello.
    i tried to use the ADIF Tools. i loaded my personal ADIF file. the web did plot the world map but did not plot my QSO on the map.
    any idea what did i do wrong?
    thank you for helping me.

    1. The ADIF mapper does not have a way to locate your QSOs. It’s counting on your ADIF having either grid squares or lat/long information for stations worked.


      Tom NS6T

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