This site is a collection of things that interest me. Initially, I am going to focus on ham related topics and software. Where it goes from there remains to be seen.

Station Details

I have a Yaesu FT-450AT and an Alpha Delta DX-EE fan dipole which covers 40m, 20m, 15m, and 10m. I use an LDG Z11-Pro autotuner which has a wider tuning range than than 450AT’s built in tuner.

I enjoy contesting, PSK-31, and phone HF operation. I am active on local repeaters during commute hours.

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Tom,
    I’m building a private website and would like to include one azimutal map generated with your program.
    Therefore I ask for your permit.
    Thanks, Klaus.

    1. Anyone is welcome to use maps generated by my tool for their own websites — personal or commercial. It’s not a requirement, but it would be nice if you provided a link to my site.

  2. hello.
    i tried to use the ADIF Tools. i loaded my personal ADIF file. the web did plot the world map but did not plot my QSO on the map.
    any idea what did i do wrong?
    thank you for helping me.

  3. I love your Great Circle Maps!

    I want to get a large color print and have it mounted to hang in my radio shack.

    The lady at the FedEx Office said I had to have a Copyright release before she could print it.

    Do you have one of those posted anywhere?


    Dale K0HYD

  4. I am the editor of our local Club Newsletter and would like to include information about your site. I see from above email that no written permission is needed and I will definitely include a link to this site. You projections have made it much easier to recognize my location and that of others. I have a PixelLogic Magnetic loop antenna on a TV Rotator for Receive and using it is a joy with your maps. Thanks

    I know this is not a full time endeavor but I have always thought that a program that could be used for Net Control Stations to log stations checking into a net that was geographically oriented would be an awesome product. Especially if it had a small dB behind it that would capture those stations checking into the net.

    Thanks for this site.

  5. Hi Tom I am an Australian Ham callsign VK4NP I have created an Azimuthal Map from your site however, with failing eyesite, I would like your permission to have the map commercially enlarged.
    If you would send your permission via email it would be most appreciated.

    Norm VK4NP


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