Point your antennas to CM97bp (Jamboree on the Air)

In celebration of Boy Scouts of America’s 100th anniversary, Northern California BSA is having a jamboree, and East Bay hams are putting on a jamboree on the air (JOTA) station to give scouts a chance to get on the air.  The station call sign is WZ6BSA, and it should be accessible via HF, VHF (including IRLP), and satellite (when visible from CM97bp). You can get more information here. I am going to be the HF control operator 9am-1pm PDT tomorrow.

One thought on “Point your antennas to CM97bp (Jamboree on the Air)”

  1. We had lots of fun introducing scouts to amateur radio. We made lots of local contacts by VHF and a few long range ones from IRLP. Unfortunately, we had a lot of trouble getting out on HF, and we ended up with 10-20 contacts.

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