Working on contest scoring software

Recently, I have been working with a team from the Northern California Contest Club to write software to score and report the results from the California QSO Party (CQP). This has been chewing up all my programming time, so I haven’t had time to make improvements to the azimuthal map program. I hope to get back to it again after the contest scoring software is done. Thanks for the suggestions.


Point your antennas at CM97fn for JOTA 2011

This year, I am pleased to announce that I will be activating the Boy Scouts of America’s Rancho Los Mochos during the annual, international Jamboree On The Air on October 15, 2011. With the help of KF6H and perhaps others, we will be putting Webelos and Boy Scouts on the air from 9am-5pm Pacific Daylight Time.

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Worked last QSO for ARRL Triple Play!

Tonight, I completed the 150th QSO for the ARRL’s Triple Play Award. I started thinking the award was a possibility last November when I worked 40 ARRL sections by CW during the ARRL November Sweepstakes. It has been my primary ham radio goal for the past 3 or 4 months.

The last QSO to complete the award was with Ted, KN5O, in Louisiana by CW. A Bay Area ham, John (KI6BEN), recommended Ted for a QSO, and I set up a sked with him via email. Conditions on 20m weren’t all that great. His RST was a 569, and mine was 559. He had it uploaded before I did. Thanks Ted!

Point your antennas to CM97bp (Jamboree on the Air)

In celebration of Boy Scouts of America’s 100th anniversary, Northern California BSA is having a jamboree, and East Bay hams are putting on a jamboree on the air (JOTA) station to give scouts a chance to get on the air.  The station call sign is WZ6BSA, and it should be accessible via HF, VHF (including IRLP), and satellite (when visible from CM97bp). You can get more information here. I am going to be the HF control operator 9am-1pm PDT tomorrow.