Getting close to DXCC

I am getting close to a DXCC award. I’ve got 99 worked and 93 confirmed. However, QSLs for some of the 99 were requested multiple times without any success.

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  1. Many thanks for the mapper again and again (OE5FGL)
    Now I have an additional question to you, regarding my poor engineering capabilities with the Great Circle: The internet/Wikipedia/Google is full of “trivial” information how to calculate the direction and the distance between 2 points on the earth, where both locations are known.
    I know my position, the center of the Great Circle and I know the polar values of the destination, the angle and the distance of the arrow. I struggle how to calculate back the location (longitude and latidude) of the end of the arrow. I simply want to calculate the “grid” of the location, where the arrow points to.
    An older version of the free program/app is on the download page as .zip
    73 de Franz OE5FGL

  2. Another point of view, not a critic, about the mapper:
    1. Israel is not painted as a state.
    2. The baltic states are not painted.
    3. Ukraine is not painted.
    4. White Russia is not painted.
    5. The Asian states resulting from the forme UdSSR (maybe) are not painted.
    This is not a critic but a hint only.
    73 de Franz, OE5FGL

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