Update for QRZ Search and HF Solar WordPress widget plugins

After approximately 13 years, my HF solar WordPress widget stopped working, so I need to make some repairs. I learned the new Widget API and re-implemented the widget plugin. I’ve tried it out on my site, and it appears to be working. Overall, I think the new API made the implementation much easier. A new version of the plugin is available on the linked page.

Because the new Widget API seems simpler, I went ahead and re-implemented the QRZ Callsign Search widget too. A new version of the plugin is available from the linked page.

The amazing amount of comment spam

I’ve started to think about turning off commenting. Even with RECAPTCHA, I am getting tons of WordPress comment spam. For example, while I’ve been writing this paragraph, 5 more spam comments came in. For the sake of recording 117 legitimate comments, I’ve had to filter out 7,783 spam comments. A pretty poor signal to noise ratio.

If I decide to turn off commenting, amateur radio operators can find my email address from my call sign using any of the normal means. I may also try activating a second level of spam protection. It’s sad that i has to come to this.