ARRL’s International DX contest was cool

Despite having a rather modest rig at my QTH and limited operating time, I am an aspiring contester.  This past weekend’s ARRL International DX contest was very cool. I worked a lot of countries that I’ve never worked before. Here is my list of new entities:

  1. Hong Kong (already confirmed by LoTW)
  2. Norway (already confirmed by LoTW)
  3. Sweden (already confirmed by LoTW)
  4. Honduras
  5. Chile
  6. France
  7. St. Kitts & Nevis
  8. Germany
  9. Spain
  10. Aruba
  11. Costa Rica
  12. Finland
  13. Cape Verde
  14. Dominican Republic

This is a lot of new entities for me. I am glad that I am finally making it to Europe.

Azimuthal map does US cities now!

The azimuthal map form can now add labels for US cities. The database of latitude/longitude pairs for cities seems imprecise because some California cities are in the Pacific ocean. It might also mean that the coastal outlines are not precise enough.

If you notice a city out of place, please let me know. There are some errors in the database. For example, San Francisco was a few miles out to sea.

Update: I updated the list of cities to include ones from Alaska and Hawaii.