CQ ZRS published map

Map published in CQ ZRS

CQ ZRS published one of my maps in issue 1 and 2/2010

Thanks to Bostjan – Ian (S55O) for publishing one of my maps on the back cover of CQ ZRS, a magazine for Slovenian amateur radio operators.

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How do big print outs look?

I’ve never actually printed a very large map, and I am curious how it looks. If you’ve printed a poster sized map, I would be curious to hear how it looks.

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Now with latitude/longitude grids!

I added a new feature to the azimuthal map program to give people the option to add a latitude/longitude grid and Maidenhead grid square labels. This turned out to require an adventure in the world of cubic spline interpolation, but that’s a story for another time. These new features are turned off by default because the map is already pretty dense with information.

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